Jim Cook Racing - Custom California ZX Turbo


The Jim Cook Racing Custom 280ZX Turbo has just been delivered from Jim Cook Racing's speed shop. A dream car for the true driving enthusiast. Leaving rubber behind it, this is a 12 second performer at the turn of a key. This Z was hand built to make a statement and to showcase Jim Cooks racing engineering and aftermarket parts business.  This car was a rolling prototype platform for Jim Cook and his design partner CarTech. With its list of features you can certainly see what has been the platform that has made Jim Cook Racing so successful. The car was ultimately used in numerous ad campaigns as well making it's way around the Southern California show car circuit long before imports were considered a "serious" category.

Jim Cook

Jim Cook, like all true enthusiasts, spent as much time developing parts for his race cars as he did driving them. It was obvious early on in his career that the performance he needed wasn't going to be found on the shelf of the local speed shops. With the development of a winning track record it was natural that other enthusiasts were going to want whatever it was that was dominating event after event. Jim Cook Racing dominated road racing for 23 seasons with an astonishing 24 hour endurance record of 7 wins in 14 starts, 3 wins in the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 IMSA lap records, 5 United States Endurance Cup Championships. The Jim Cook banner has flown over 35 different types of cars on almost every circuit in the United States, plus races in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan. The story hasn't ended, after 35 years, we still supply leading teams, manufacturers and distributors in all forms of racing and street performance with the components they need to be at the front of the grid. Knowing that Jim Cook Racing stands behind every product that it sells, you can be sure we will help you select not only the finest components that you want, but more importantly the ones that you need.

Our plans for this restoration are to keep as much of the car as possible true to Jim's original design as a period "resto-mod". Some updates will be made to improve safety, handling and stopping power in addition to pushing the power to "modern" design limits. Turbocharging technology has improved dramatically in the intervening 20 years since Jim originally designed this car with his partner CarTech. The addition of a roll-bar, 4-point harnesses and modern Corbeau seats will improve the safety of the car without ruining the "nostalgic" feel of the 80's.

Status of the Rebuild


- Original Custom Pearl White paint changed to 350Z Pike's Peak White
- Jim Cook Racing aero kit featuring their custom "California" ZX wing & ground effects package
        - JCR Cal ZX Wing
        - JCR Air Dam
- Lightened doors (20 lbs less than stock)
- Lightened Hood (15 lbs less than stock)
        - Front lip modified to eliminate the OEM gap and rubber gasket
- Original Nissan 280ZX plexi-glass show car hood
        - Both hoods modified with quick release fittings to switch between show and race hoods
- Headlight covers
- Tinted windows (limo black) except windshield


- Black interior
- Gauges*
- Corbeau A4 reclining racing seats*
- Corbeau retractable harnesses*
- Air conditioning
- Corsa 13" Leather steering wheel*
- Corsa anatomical shift knob*
- Black leather shift boot*
- Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter*
- NISMO Pedal Pads*
- MSA SCCA approved roll bar*
- GTech Pro RR Performance Computer*


- Jim Cook Racing lowering performance springs
- Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable shocks & struts
- Custom modified rear arms for anti-squat
- Suspension Techniques 1 1/8" Front & 7/8" Rear lower sway bars
- Polyurethane bushings on all ends & suspension mount points
+ 12.2" 4-Piston Brake Calipers front and rear
+ PowerSlot - Slotted Performance Rotors
- KVR Sport Carbon Fibre brake pads*
- CenterLine Billet Star 2 piece wheels 16x7" front & 16x8" rear
- Yokohama AVS ES100 225/45/16 front & 245/45/16 rear tires


- 3.1 liter big bore conversion
- Custom CarTech blow thru turbo kit with adjustable boost to 25 psi
        - Design Detail - Page 1
        - Design Detail - Page 2
- CarTech custom plumbed intercooler
- Triple 44mm Mikuni Carburetors
- Forged Venolia pistons
- Lightweight Hi-Flow Aluminum Radiator w/Oil Cooler from Stealth Conversions*
        - Radiator Core Comparison - V8 HO Camaro vs. Stealth Conversions Hi-Flow
        - Radiator Core Brackets
- CSR Billet Electric Water Pump
+ Custom Baffled 7qt Performance Oil Pan*
- Race prepared N42 head
- Stainless steel valves
- Titanium retainers
- Scat Pro Billet Crank
- MSD 6BTM ignition w/variable Boost Timing Retard
        - MSD Blaster SS Coil
- Magnecor KV85 8.5mm Competition Spark Plug Wires*
- Borg/Warner T5 5-speed transmission w/G-Force gearset
- 3.545:1 R200 Differential w/ Custom CV axels
        - Quaife Limited Slip Assembly*
        - NISMO High capacity finned diff cover
        - NISMO differential oil pump
        - Setrab differential oil cooler
+ Custom Aluminum Drive Shaft*
- Custom 6-Puck clutch from Superior Friction
- 13.5lb lightweight steel flywheel*
- NISMO competition electric fuel pump*
- Summit Racing - Drive Shaft Safety Loop*